Update From Busy Times

It's been an extremely busy few months!  Performances have included shows with the Richmond Symphony, Annapolis Symphony, recitals at Kennesaw State University, Washington College, The Catholic University of America as well as all the gigs at the Academy.  That doesn't even include Palm Sunday and Easter gigs as well as several other performances.  I'm extremely lucky for all of these opportunities!

Next up is a recital with Cooper Street Brass at the NERTEC in Ithaca.  Back to the practive room!

Lots of Playing, Lots of Trumpets!

It's been a busy time recently with teaching and performing, but a lot of cool things have been happening.  Here are some fun bullets:

- I bought an Schilke F/G Trumpet!  I've been wanting one for years and finally found a good one for a good price.  I love it!

- I had a great time performing Hary Janos with the Annapolis Symphony Orchestra.  They sound fantastic!

- I was able to perform with Bayfield Brass at the Renaissance Festival again this year.  By far, one of my favorite gigs I'm lucky enough to do.

- I will be performing with the Richmond Symphony in November.  We are going to do Berlioz's Romeo and Juiliet.  I don't know that piece very well and am so excited.

- I will be performing a Rock Opera at Anne Arundel Community College in November.  This should be quite the experience.

As I said, very busy and very fortunate.  Music is fun!

ITG Week

I'm very excited about all the opportunities I have this week.  I will be traveling to the ITG Conference in Anaheim, CA, to perform, present, report and judge.  First on the docket is to judge the final round of the Military Band Mock Excerpt Competition with my colleague, Matt Harriman.  Later in the week, the USNA Band BQ will be performing the music of Ray Burkhart on one performance and will be presenting our own recital with the one and only Malcolm McNab on another.  I am also reviewing some sessions which will be published in the ITG Journal.  It will be great to see so many old friends at the conference.  Oh, and I will also pick up my new Weimann Rotary Bb trumpet.  Big Week!!!


I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to do a four day recording session at Omega Studios.  This is a gig I have done in the past.  Omega assembles a concert band and we record new works by publishers such as Claude T Smith Publications, C.L. Barnhouse Co., DCP Music Press, Chesford Music Publications, as well as others.  It is always fun to join military band colleagues from the DC area and record for 24 hours over four days.  Challenging, but fun!

Exciting Month

This month has been great!  I was able to perform with the Copper Street Brass Quintet at TMEA as well as playing several gigs at the Academy including their production of Cabaret.  We are using the reduced orchestration which means I'm the only trumpet making it very exciting to play!  This, of course comes on top of teaching which is so fulfilling.  All my students sound great!  Looking forward to turning the calendar to March... 

Trumpet and More Trumpet

The new year has brought about many exciting opportunities!  After closing down a magical run of West Side Story, I've continued to stay busy.  The USNA Chamber Winds recently performed a recital which included brass quintet playing;  I'm preparing to play Cabaret, my favorite show, at USNA;  later this week, I'm traveling to San Antonio to play with the Copper Street Brass at the Texas Music Educators Conference.  All of these opportunities along with other gigs make me very thankful but keep me very busy.  2016 is off to an exciting start!

ITG in Anaheim

I am pleased to announce that the USNA BQ has been invited to present a lecture recital at the ITG Conference in Anaheim next summer.  We are really looking forward to this opportunity.  I'll keep you updated on our program and time and place of performance!

Catholic University of America

I am happy to announce that I have accepted a position as Lecturer of Trumpet at the Benjamin T. Rome School of Music at The Catholic University of America in Washington, DC.  I am very excited about this opportunity and look forward to working with the wonderful students and faculty this upcoming year.

The End of the Summer Season

Tonight, the USNA Band will perform our Dock Finale.  It should be a great show!  I will be performing with the Concert Band, Brass Quintet and the Crabtowne Stompers.  It is a lot of playing but is only a microcosm of what this summer has been like.  We have performed a lot this summer season, including  late nights followed by early mornings.  Summer is always like this and it reminds me of why I need to focus on fundamental trumpet playing.  Through the year, I try to work on fundamentals daily.  The summer, however, is just a game of survival, so I can't always get in long practice sessions.  I often times need to trust the work I've done leading up to the summer and lean on that work for a couple of months.  It's always a good lesson for me and this summer has been no different.  Following tonight's concert, I will go to bed and then wake up at 5am for a parade.  Then, I will say goodbye to yet another successful summer season.  At that point, it will be back to basics!

Sampson Article in ITG

I received word today that the International Trumpet Guild Journal will publish an article I did on the flügelhorn music of David Sampson in the near future.  I am always excited and humbled to have something published.  Be on the lookout for it!

New Blood!

In the past couple of months, the USNA Band has hired two new trumpet players.  It will be great having such talent join us soon.  It's always a pleasure hearing such great playing during these auditions.

Brass Sextet

Today, I had the pleasure of performing with the USNA Brass Quintet at Towson University.  It is always a joy to play for aspiring musicians.  It was also quite fun to play with my trumpet colleagues, Matt Harriman and Carl Lindquist, not to mention Adam Tillett, Russell Sharp, Clint Woltering and Jarrod Williams.  I am truly humbled to be able to work with such talented musicians.

Notes Galore

This past Friday, I had three gigs with the Naval Academy Band.  The first was an outdoors ceremony, the second, an indoor ceremony, and the third, a concert with the Crabtowne Stompers.  It was yet another reminder of how lucky I am to have the opportunity to perform a variety of styles while also reminding me of the importance of regular trumpet maintenance.  

After practicing in the morning, I went outside for a short ceremony.  Even though it was short, the fact that it was outdoors invites you to project a little more than you might want to.  The retirement ceremony was in a very live hall with a very small band.  This creates challenges, especially when you play march after march and then have to play soft passages in America the Beautiful and Eternal Father.  The concert with the Crabtowne Stompers was fun but it was completely different from all other playing I had done.  Style and range were key!

This was just another day of reminders that I need to take care to address all aspects of trumpet playing daily even if it's just for a little bit.  I am very lucky to have these opportunities but it is my job to be prepared for everything!

Getting My Chops Back

I was very surprised and humbled to find out that I was promoted at the beginning of August.  Being promoted, however, meant about 6 weeks of military training which left little time for practicing.  The 6-week training concluded this past Tuesday with an incredible ceremony.  Now, I am back in the saddle and trying to get my chops back to where they need to be.  It's a good thing, too, because the band's schedule is really starting to ramp up!