Notes Galore

This past Friday, I had three gigs with the Naval Academy Band.  The first was an outdoors ceremony, the second, an indoor ceremony, and the third, a concert with the Crabtowne Stompers.  It was yet another reminder of how lucky I am to have the opportunity to perform a variety of styles while also reminding me of the importance of regular trumpet maintenance.  

After practicing in the morning, I went outside for a short ceremony.  Even though it was short, the fact that it was outdoors invites you to project a little more than you might want to.  The retirement ceremony was in a very live hall with a very small band.  This creates challenges, especially when you play march after march and then have to play soft passages in America the Beautiful and Eternal Father.  The concert with the Crabtowne Stompers was fun but it was completely different from all other playing I had done.  Style and range were key!

This was just another day of reminders that I need to take care to address all aspects of trumpet playing daily even if it's just for a little bit.  I am very lucky to have these opportunities but it is my job to be prepared for everything!