Lots of Playing, Lots of Trumpets!

It's been a busy time recently with teaching and performing, but a lot of cool things have been happening.  Here are some fun bullets:

- I bought an Schilke F/G Trumpet!  I've been wanting one for years and finally found a good one for a good price.  I love it!

- I had a great time performing Hary Janos with the Annapolis Symphony Orchestra.  They sound fantastic!

- I was able to perform with Bayfield Brass at the Renaissance Festival again this year.  By far, one of my favorite gigs I'm lucky enough to do.

- I will be performing with the Richmond Symphony in November.  We are going to do Berlioz's Romeo and Juiliet.  I don't know that piece very well and am so excited.

- I will be performing a Rock Opera at Anne Arundel Community College in November.  This should be quite the experience.

As I said, very busy and very fortunate.  Music is fun!